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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to create a website?

It depends on the type of website you want and the content density. For a landing page it takes a couple of days, a showcase website will take more or less a week. An e-commerce website however will take way longer depending on the size of your catalog.
To this, you can add the time to create the design. It can be done very quickly if we choose a predefined design, but ideally we will create a style that fits your communication from scratch.
Don’t hesitate to ask how long your project would take!

How much does a website creation cost?

It depends on what you want on your website. A landing page costs around 400-600 euros, a showcase website between 700 and 1200 euros. An e-commerce website can be up to more than 2000 euros depending on your catalog.
To this, you can add the hosting and domain cost that is a little below 100 €/year. Numerous options can be added such as referencing optimization, creating a dedicated application or a newsletter.
And of course, design creation also has a cost, typically if we need to create a graphic charter, a prototype and illustrations for the website.
In general, I would like to adapt my creations to my clients’ budget, so that the quality of the website is optimized.

What are my responsibilities as a customer?

First, you have to be aware of legal obligations in France. Your website has to ask users permission to use cookies. This permission needs to be adapted to the functionalities of your website and has to block first and foremost everything that collects data on your website.
In conjunction with cookies, a “Privacy Policy” page needs to be available to users. This page has to enumerate clearly all the data collecting being done on your website.
Finally, for businesses, legal mentions need to be added, especially for an e-commerce website. This page needs to present the company behind the website, as well as the individual running it and commercial terms in the case of an e-commerce website.
These pages can be produced by the person creating the website, but it’s preferable to have an accountant or a lawyer do it because they are legal documents. Commercial websites have to be reported with the CNIL (in France, if you are in another country, please enquire your local authorities to check what legal documentation you need to provide on your website).
That is it for the legal aspect of things.
Regarding your website and its content, you are also responsible for the communication that is done on it. This is why I always check with my clients the content I create before putting it online. You have to check the content because it is you who is communicating with users. This is why I suggest you hire an editor for writing all the texts on your website. This professional will be the best in optimizing all your texts for referencing, but also for communicating with users.


What does “responsive” mean?

A responsive website is a website programed to have its design adapted for all screen sizes (PC, tablet and smartphone)

Do I need other professionals for the creation of my website?

In general, it is possible to only have one professional for the creation of your website. But it can be interesting to hire multiple professionals so that each one can work on their specialty. I am specialized in design and development. Which means that I would not be the best suited for writing your texts or establishing social media strategies.
Of course, it also depends on the extent of your project.

What is the difference between a web developer and a web designer?

The web developer specializes in computer language for internet application (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc). Their objective is to code the website or the web application of the project. They also define the best technical solutions according to the project. (For example, choosing CMS WordPress to create a showcase website.)
The web designer is a graphic designer who is able to create a cohesive design with a web architecture. They specialize in visual communication, creating graphic charters for websites. They also deal with the ergonomy and the user experience, their objective being seducing future users of the website.
The two activities are closely related because they share similar skills (web language). This is why lots of freelance developers like me offer both services. However, both activities require different skills and knowledge, one being the application of the other’s work. Thus, both services have to be evaluated separately while giving an estimate.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS: content management system. To put it simply, it is possible withWordPress to create any type of website. It is also the most used tool for website creation in the world (34.7% of websites in 2019).
Its main advantage (as many CMSs) is to allow for quicker website creation and maintenance. Moreover, WordPress has a huge community online which provides quick solutions to bugs any website would have.
WordPress also has simple tools that allow the customer to update their content. It allows customers to easily go to other professionals if they want to.
WordPress also has an extension for e-commerce websites: Woocommerce. It is very useful for pairing your showcase website with your online shop.
I use WordPress for my clients, as well as for my own websites.

Can I go to another web designer after the creation of my website?

Even though I am the best placed to maintain or modify your website, another web designer will be able to do my work. It is one of the benefits working with WordPress.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the ensemble of techniques put in place to upgrade a website’s position on search engines results.
Among necessary parameters, there are:
Responsive (see “What does “responsive” mean?”)
A clean code
A markup of the website’s elements
Loading speed
No loading errors
Keywords use
A clean hierarchy

Do you work on existing websites?

Yes, I can work on an existing website. Depending on how it was created and your needs I will use the best strategy possible.
Now, there are exceptions, this is why I will always ask to have an administrator access to your website. It allows me to see what technologies have been used, inquire and establish a cohesive estimate on the work I have to do on your website.

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