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My services in detail

Web design and visual identity

I will help you create your visual communication on the internet. I can create for you all the graphic elements you need and define a communication strategy that fits your business.

Logo design

Creating your brand’s logo according to your ideas and your business. The rate is dependent on how many propositions you want.

I would suggest a minimum of 3 propositions in order to have various ideas. This also allows a fusion of several ideas.

The rate is 100 euros for a logo proposition. You can use all the logo propositions you order.

The logo will be provided in vector format as well as .jpg and .png under multiple resolutions. It will be usable on all supports and will be reusable by other graphic designers.

Page design

Creating a customized page design. There will be three prototypes propositions for PC, tablet and smartphone formats.

I will adapt your design to your graphic charter or your communication visuals.

The rate depends on how much you’ll provide (images, text, graphic charter, etc.) It is degressive depending on the number of pages. The rate changes also if you ask me other services, for example:

  • Designing other pages
  • Web development
  • Maintenance
  • Graphic charter
  • Visual creations
  • User experience strategy

My rate by page starts at 300 € for one page and is degressive if it’s bundled with other services (see above).

I can also create a graphic charter (see below).

For smaller budgets, it is possible to choose a predefined design on which I will adapt your content. In which case I will provide a catalog of designs of prebuilt websites.

Get an estimate » degressive rate

User experience

In addition to the creation of your website’s design, I can create an interactions and usability prototype for your website. It will allow for establishing a strategy to optimize and improve user experience while they browse your website.

Also called UX, user experience is the study of a website’s usability. This study takes into account not only chosen interactions but also the emotions felt by the user. One of the important points is for example, usability anticipation.

It’s a way to create a link between the website’s objectives and user’s expectations.

Get an estimate » rate on demand

Graphic charter

Creating your visual identity according to your business and your communication needs.

I will build with you a charter detailing the rules to follow for a cohesive image and communication. We will put in place a strategy according to your target audience and your line of business.

Logo creation is included in the graphic charter. If you want to create a website at the same time, you will have a discount on the rate for pages design.

Le rate for a graphic charter starts at 500 € for 3 propositions of logo + colorimetry + typography + definition of the rules set by the charter.

From this, you can add an iconography, visuals creation (see below), packaging design and all other graphical needs that go with your communication.


Get an estimate » from 500 €

Visual creations

Graphic creation on demand. This service will often be in addition to other services for particular graphic needs. But don’t hesitate to ask for any other type of graphic creation:

  • Banner, profile picture, etc.
  • Layout for impression
  • Poster, billboard, advertising
  • Illustration
  • Other…

Get an estimate » rate on demand

Web development

I will help you integrate your website on the internet. I’m offering an adjustable service for all budgets. Be it the creation of a brand new website of the maintenance of your current website.

Web development

Development of your website on the internet. I will take care of the domain name and hosting for you.

I will integrate your website’s design and its functionalities for you. I will make sure that each page can be displayed on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Each project being different, I will take the time to choose the appropriate technologies for you. That is why I will define a customised rate depending on your project.

Concerning website creation, I mainly work with CMS WordPress. It allows me to develop and update websites quicker and easier and thus reduce the cost of work for you.

I’m also open to web applications development missions.

Get an estimate » rate on demand

Full audit

You think your website needs an update but you don’t know where to start?

Depending on your communication objectives, I will establish areas of improvement in the following categories:

  • Design
  • Ergonomy
  • Referencing
  • Content
  • Security

I will provide a detailed report in a prioritized list. I will explain why these upgrades are important and I will give you a rate for each service.


You can entrust me with your website in order to have it updated or upgraded.

I will give you an estimate after I analyse the technologies used on your website.

It is important to check in on the performances of your website at least once a year. Indeed, it allows for a review of referencing, user experience and updating the content your business requires. It is also interesting to get an audit (see above) in order to determine areas to be upgraded.

Get an estimate » rate on demand

Web application

Creating a web application for your specific needs. I will develop an application with Javascript and its frameworks.

It could be useful if you have a particular need and you cannot find an application that suits you. It is also possible to adapt an existing application to your needs (open-source application).

The rate here is case by case, depending on the workload.

Get an estimate » rate on demand

E-commerce website

Creating a website with product pages and a payment platform. Adaptable on a showcase website. The rate is determined by the amount of items to publish on the website.

The website’s design can be customized but it will be more affordable to use a predefined style.

I will need images of your products as well as descriptions for each product and their categories.

Know that it is highly recommended to have a clean SEO for an e-commerce website. I will offer an attractive rate for a complete referencing strategy on top of the creation of your e-commerce website.

Get an estimate » rate on demand

What is included

Contact page

Essential but also easy to create, this page is free. (unless you need a specific design)


3 months of free maintenance are included with the creation of a website.


More and more important for referencing, your website’s loading time will be automatically optimized.


Good SEO practices are included in the pages’ rate. All for your referencing benefit.

Service packs

Development and web design

Web Pack :

Design + integration

With this, I’m offering your website’s design and its integration on the internet.


  • Website up to 8 pages
  • 3 graphic creations included
  • Pages templates in pdf format
  • Optimized SEO
  • Optimized loading speed
  • 6 months maintenance included

Web Design

Design Pack

With this, I’m offering a complete pack for a visual communication creation.


  • 3 logo propositions
  • A graphic charter
  • 3 visual creations included
  • Website design up to 7 pages
  • Visuals for your social media pages
  • Packaging designs

Special services

SEO & Analytics pack

Analysing your communication and its performances with your website’s referencing. Implementation of an optimal strategy according to the results of search engines in your business field. Upgrades integration to your website.

Get an estimate » rate on demand

Newsletter creation

Creating a mockup for an emailing campaign. I will need images and text. Integration of the mockup as a web page. Managing the sending of emails to the recipients (I will need a list of the recipients). Visual creations are charged extra (see above).

Get an estimate » rate on demand


Migration of your website

Backup of your website and its database. Migration of your website to another host. Testing of your website and its functionalities. Possibility of email addresses migration (case by case, depending on the host).

Get an estimate »  rate on demand

Advertising campaign

Creating advertising content for social media. Setting up a strategy for your target audience. Advertising management.

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